I’m a 20-year-old lesbian woman. I’ve lost two people in my life to suicide, and both of them happened to be queer when they were alive. Both of them grappled with issues related to their sexual orientation and internalized queerphobia, and I suspect that there’s a greater chance that both of them would be alive today if they hadn’t been queer because the self-loathing and shame that’s an inherent emotional state for the majority of queer people in our society can only contribute to a person’s depression.

I want Johnlock to become canon in part because I would love nothing more for my uncle to be alive to see two men in a relationship together on a mainstream television show like Sherlock. I’m not sure if he would be a fan of the show or not, but I know that he would appreciate seeing a canon same-sex relationship on his television screen. I’m not sexually attracted to men, so I have no interest in seeing John and Sherlock have sex on television merely because I want to watch them frot against each other. I’m 20 years old, and I’m more mature than a lot of the so-called “grown ups” in this fandom who unleash their bitterness on young people who are largely queer themselves.

Age is not necessarily correlated to maturity, and no one should have their sexual identity invalidated as a result of their age. No one should be patronized and condescended to because they’re young and idealistic. No one should be treated like they’re an immature idiot because they like the idea of canon Johnlock regardless of what their motive is for liking the pairing.

This fandom is evolving with each day, and newcomers are appearing left and right. I don’t care about how significant your fandom presence is if you can’t treat other fans with the respect that they deserve, and this particularly applies to fans who identify as queer. This segregation between older queer people and younger queer people needs to end now.


when the two smartest kids in the class get different answers





Oh my God HOW



[Full Size] John taking off his shirt for some reason. I don’t really need a reason, let’s be real here.



Well it only took all day to do the quilting but step 1 on the to-do list is done and up on Etsy. Out of the 3 versions i made so far this is the biggest one - and my favorite color-wise. I sort of want to try bigger but i’ll need to go print the pattern at Staples or somewhere because my poor printer was already unhappy printing this!

Time to get to the writing part of my day and see if James is going to have a meltdown or not quite yet…

ahh perfect for the coming autumn season!!

I am seriously going to put every effort into scraping together the money to buy. Too bad I haven’t started back to teaching yet!


yeah i’m religious


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